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Hedge Hog 4

The Hog range just got broader. Hedge Hog 4 is the littlest of the range and still packs quite a punch.

It runs the same software as all the other Hogs and even comes with ArtNet and CITP capabilities. Designed for small to mid level shows, it is compact, lightweight and easy to take on a plane!

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Hedge Hog 4 lighting console for automated luminaires, dimmer and multimedia controllers.


High End Systems


  • One internal 12.1-inch touchscreen
  • Robust Hog 4 Operating Software running on an especially adapted Linux system
  • Internal Hard disk drive (HDD)
  • Real time clock
  • Ten LED fitted playback controller (Fader, Choose, Go, Pause, Back & Flash), optional expandable
  • Programmingsection including four parameter wheel, 12 User Keys, number pad and keys for parameters, groups, timing and effects
  • One dimmable LED-Desklight


  • Hog 4 and Hog 3 USB Playback Wings are supported
  • Hog 4 and Hog 3 USB Expansion Wings are supported
  • MIDI Input and Output, MIDI Show Control and MIDI Timecode via optional external interface
  • Two onboard DMX XLR 5-pin outputs for fixtures, dimmers and additional DMX capable devices
  • Ethernet Connector for Art-Net or E1.3.1 (sACN) capable devices
  • Two USB Ports for Single-, Super DMX Widgets.


On board processing and distributing of the first two DMX Universes via Art-Net, E1.3.1 (sACN) and two DMX 5-pin XLR outputs on the console, plus up to four DMX XLR 5-pin outputs, realized via optional USB DMX Widgets connected to the console. Almost unlimited amount of Crossfades, Cues, Cue-Lists, Scenes, Chases, Effects, Groups, Paletts, Pages and Macros via dynamic memory management. Booting the console, loading a show or upgrading the software (without reboot)
is radical faster than before. Software- and Library-Update via Internet.


  • Graphical Hog 4 User Interface including an extensive fixture library set of all leading manufacturers of DMX, Art-Net or E1.3.1 (sACN) capable devices, derived from Hog 3 User Interface
  • Grouped configurating and programming, divided into Intensity, Position, Color, Beam
  • A rich set of Grouping- and Fanning functions
  • Calibrated Colour Matching System with Color Picker and Gel Charts
  • Separate Fade, Delay and Effect Times for each individual fixture, parameter and value
  • Effects Engine with individual control of each Effect Parameter, e.g. Timing, Size, Offset and many more
  • Can be modi ed and extended with Effect Templates
  • Rapid and easy setup of Art-Net outputs, to connect additional devices like multimedia controllers
  • Fixed Kinds and User Kinds for linked parameters
  • Pin Code Lock function with a 4- digit PIN to prevent unauthorised access
  • Saving a show on USB Stick or Hard disk drive is supported

Circuit Points

  • 2 × DMX 5-pin XLR isolated outputs on the back
  • 1 × LAN 1000BaseTX GigaBit Neutrik Ethercon for Fixture-Net on the back
  • 2 × USB on the back
  • 1 × LED desk lights on the top
  • 1 × IEC power port on the back

Electrical requirements

Mains in 90 – 250VAC, 50/60Hz



Dimensions and weight

52.7 × 10.1 × 55.4 cm (screen fix, w × h × d) 7.7 kg (unpacked)