LED Screen Trailer

Discover the LED Screen Trailer from Arcus. Take advantage of this mobile LED display for live broadcasts and create an indescribable atmosphere at public viewing, festivals, sporting events and more. The pre-assembled LED display eliminates the need for elaborate construction of trusses and the tedious assembly of the LED display from individual panels.


In the standard version of the LED Screen Trailer, you get a high-quality and fully usable trailer. Building on this, we offer a range of additional comfort features that save extra time and manpower and thereby increase the overall usability of the trailer.



With the optional Mover System, the trailer can be aligned to the centimeter. For this purpose, the trailer is decoupled near the final location and 4 fully synchronized drive elements move the trailer at the touch of a button to the tires. These enable the LED Screen Trailer to be precisely positioned using an infrared remote control. The power is supplied via an external battery, which is sufficient to supply the Mover System in full load operation for up to 15 min with energy.


Electronic slewing ring positioning & hydraulic control

In the standard version of the LED Screen Trailer, the turntable is positioned manually. Optionally, we offer an electronic control in form of a wired control bottle. This offers various advantages, especially, in the construction of the LED display, as docking of the display allows it to be aligned to the nearest millimeter. With the electronic control, you can work precisely through a stepless regulation of the speed. The remote control also allows a free movement, so you can easily control the exact positioning on the trailer. In addition, the control automatically locks the slewing ring, eliminating the need for manual locking and unlocking with a bolt.

In addition to the electronic turntable positioning, it is also possible to control the hydraulic control for extending and retracting the LED display via the remote control. By default, this is done via levers on the trailer. The electronic control allows stepless regulation of the lifting speed and thus enables a more precise control with increased flexibility.


Airline attachment system

Optionally, the LED Screen Trailer is fitted with a robust all-round airline attachment system. This allows easy securing of additional equipment with freely positionable ring attachment eyelets.


Rubber surface

In the standard package, the LED Screen Trailer is equipped with a vehicle multiplex panel with anti-slip structure and weatherproof screen-printed coating on both sides. Optionally, we offer an additional coating of the vehicle multiplex board with a fully bonded, non-slip rubber checker plate. This increases safety and also gives the trailer a higher-quality look.


Rotary axis & wind warning unit

In the standard version, a high-quality rubber spring axle is installed in the LED Screen Trailer. If you have very high demands on the use of the LED Screen Trailer, we offer the option to use a rotary push spring axle as an option. Such an axle is specially designed for the use of trailers with permanent loads and thus convinces with less wear and higher service lifespan.

Optionally, we equip the trailer with a wind warning unit including control unit and wind speed sensor.

LED Display

The LED Screen Trailer is designed to match LED displays from many different manufacturers, since only the holder for transport needs to be customized. Of course, this production is already included in the standard version of the LED Screen Trailer, regardless of whether you want to use an LED display from Arcus.

Optionally, we can offer you the possibility to deliver the trailer together with a suitable LED display. Our panels provide the perfect foundation for your application. The panels provide a wide viewing angle with world-class color reproduction and brightness levels of up to 6,500 nits, giving the LED display powerful images even in bright sunshine.

Available LED Screen Trailer

We offer the LED Screen Trailer in different models, which vary in the maximum total height of either 5000 mm or 6700 mm. In Germany, a so-called construction book from TÜV is required for the LED Screen Trailer with a total height of more than 5000 mm. Since this is associated with corresponding costs, we offer the SP6700Pro an LED screen trailer, which is technically designed for a total height of 6700 mm. However, this is restricted by law to an overall height of 5000 mm due to an electronic limitation. Subsequently, it is possible to issue a building book and have the restriction removed.

SP5000 SP6700 SP6700Pro
total weight 3500 kg 3500 kg 3500 kg
weight (without LED Display) ca. 1800 kg ca. 2300 kg ca. 2300 kg
total length 7530 mm 7530 mm 7530 mm
plattform 6000 x 2100 mm 6000 x 2100 mm 6000 x 2100 mm
total hight up to 5000 mm up to 6700 mm up to 5000 or 6700 mm
LED Display up to 15 qm (5 x 3 m) up to 21 qm (6 x 3.5 m) up to 15 qm (5 x 3 m) or 21 qm (6 x 3.5 m)
Baubuch (TÜV) required no yes up to 5000 mm no; up to 6700 mm yes