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Full Boar 4

The Full Boar 4 with all the power of the Hog 4 in a more compact package, also comes with the latest hardware features like Solid state Harddisk, Multi-Touchscreens and motorized faders.

Due to the extendibility of adding Wings, Widgets and DP8000, the Full Boar 4 Console is as universal applicable as the Hog 4.

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Full Boar 4 lighting console for automated luminaires, dimmer and multimedia controllers


High End Systems


  • Two internal 15,6-inch touchscreens with 10 point multi-touch
  • Robust Hog 4 Operating Software running on an especially adapted Linux system
  • Internal Solid State Hard disk drive (SSD)
  • Real time clock
  • Ten motorized, LED fitted playback controller (Fader, Choose, Go, Pause, Back & Flash), optional expandable up to 90 Playback Controller/Fader
  • One dedicated motorized Grandmaster controller (Fader, DBO & Flash)
  • Programmingsection including five parameter wheels and Tri Axis backlit trackball, 12 LCD-backlit User Keys, number pad and keys for parameters, groups, timing and effects
  • Dedicated I-Wheel for Intensity and Rate wheel for Fade and Effect timing
  • Two dimmable LED-Desklights
  • Integrated Mini-keyboard
  • Integrated CD/DVD drive (DVD/RW)


  • Up to eight Playback or Master Wings, Hog 4 and Hog 3 USB Playback Wings are supported
  • Up to two Expansion Wings, Hog 4 and Hog 3 USB Expansion Wings are supported
  • Onboard MIDI/LTC Interface for Show Control and Timecode
  • Multiple Timecode inputs via optional multiple SMPTE/LTC USB Widgets
  • Eight onboard DMX XLR 5-pin outputs for fixtures, dimmers and additional DMX capable devices. Ethernet Connectors for Art-Net or E1.3.1 (sACN) capable devices
  • Nearly unlimited number of DMX, Art-Net and E1.3.1 (sACN) universes by optional adding external DP 8000 Processors
  • Wired and wireless Multi-console or Mixed-console setup (Hog 4, Full Boar 4, Road Hog 4 and Nano Hog 4) via Ethernet (Hog-Net)
  • Connectivity with many visualizers directly via Ethernet
  • USB Ports for Single-, Super- and Super Duper DMX Widgets
  • Three external monitors or touchscreens supported via DVI or VGA
  • eSATA Connector for external Hard disk drive.


On board processing and distributing of the first 12 DMX Universes via Art-Net, E1.3.1 (sACN) and four DMX 5-pin XLR outputs on the console, plus up to eight additional DMX XLR 5-pin outputs, realized via optional USB DMX Widgets connected to the console. Processing and distributing of a nearly unlimited number of further 16er DMX Universes via external connected DP 8000 Processors. Almost unlimited amount of Crossfades, Cues, Cue-Lists, Scenes, Chases, Effects, Groups, Paletts, Pages and Macros via dynamic memory management. Booting the console, loading a show or upgrading the software (without reboot) is radical faster than before. Software- and Library-Update via Internet (www. yingpig.com). (without reboot) is radical faster than before. Software- and Library-Update via Internet (www. yingpig.com).


  • Graphical Hog 4 User Interface including an extensive fixture library set of all leading manufacturers of DMX, Art-Net or E1.3.1 (sACN) capable devices, derived from Hog 3 User Interface
  • Grouped configurating and programming, divided into Intensity, Position, Color, Beam
  • A rich set of Grouping- and Fanning functions
  • Calibrated Colour Matching System with Color Picker and Gel Charts
  • Separate Fade, Delay and Effect Times for each individual fixture, parameter and value
  • Excellent networking capabilities in conjunction with multiple DP 8000 Processors and additional consoles of the Hog 4 family guarantees fast and effective operating conditions accross all consoles
  • Effects Engine with individual control of each Effect Parameter, e.g. Timing, Size, Offset and many more
  • Can be modified and extended with Effect Templates
  • Rapid and easy setup of Art-Net outputs, to connect additional devices like multimedia controllers
  • Midi Control messages or Open Sound Control messages allows remote control via Smartphone or Tablet PC’s, e.g. via „TouchOSC“ Application
  • User configurable Center Wheel. Fixed Kinds and User Kinds for linked parameters
  • Pin Code Lock function with a 4-digit PIN to prevent unauthorized access
  • A Backup Button on right screen‘s main toolbar will quickly generate a backup copy of your show file
  • Saving a show on USB Stick, CD or Hard disk drive is supported

Circuit Points

  • 4 × DMX 5-pin XLR isolated outputs on the back
  • 1 × LAN 1000BaseTX GigaBit Neutrik Ethercon for Hog-Net on the back
  • 1 × LAN 1000BaseTX GigaBit Neutrik Ethercon for Fixture-Net on the back
  • 3 × DIN 5-pin MIDI In/Out/Thru (MIDI-Timecode/MIDI-Showcontrol) on the back 1 × LTC 3-pin XLR Timecode input on the back
  • 1 × USB on the top, 4 × USB on the back
  • 2 × 24-pin DVI-I dual link connector on the back
  • 2 × LED desk lights on the top
  • 1 × IEC power port on the back

Electrical requirements

Mains in 90 – 250VAC, 50/60Hz, 2A maximum



Dimensions and weight

90,1 × 24,4 × 57,5 cm (screens x, w × h × d) 20,4 kg (unpacked)